Open calls from EMS Committee for Developing Countries

ERCE call 5 opens. ERCE (Emerging Regional Centres of Excellence) is a label awarded by the EMS to centres showing an outstanding level in its area of influence in research and education. ERCE centres are selected among those which play an important role in training students in their region particularly coming from less developed areas and countries. The EMS Committee for Developing Countries is now opening a new call for applications. The application has to be sent to and the deadline for this application is February 15th, 2018. EMS Simons for Africa. The African Continent is very diversified and the development of a career in mathematics faces different and sometimes difficult progression. The EMS Committee for Developing Countries, with the support of the Simons Foundation, has opened a program of research visits to foster research opportunities for young and established researchers, open to all areas of pure and applied mathematics and statistics and directed to fellows based in Africa. For all applications there are four deadlines: February 15th, May 15th, September 15th, November 15th.