EMS e-News 28, September 2018



- The Council meeting

The EMS Council (our society’s highest authority) convened 23-24 June in Prague. It elected Volker Mehrmann as the new EMS President for 2019-2022. Betül Tanbay was elected as new Vice-President, and Jorge Buescu joins the Executive Committee as a member-at-large. The council approved the EMS budget and made a number of decisions, in particular, introduced a system of lifetime membership.


- The Gordin Prize

This EMS Gordin Prize (honouring a mathematician from an Eastern European country not older than 35 years working in the areas where late Mikhail Gordin made contributions) was awarded for the first time at the International Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in July; the laureate is Mateusz Kwaśnicki from the Technical University of Wrocław.


- The IMU General Assembly

According to tradition, the IMU had its highest meeting before ICM2018. From the two remaining bids for ICM 2022, the delegates chose Saint Petersburg. Carlos Kenig was elected new IMU President, and Helge Holden will serve his second term as Secretary General.


- Fields Medals

In keeping with tradition, the new Fields Medallists were announced at the opening of the ICM, together with the winners of the Nevanlina, Chern and Leelavati Prizes and the Gauss Medal. See http://www.icm2018.org/portal/en/about-icm-prizes (We observe that with Peter Scholze and Alessio Figalli being honoured the EMS’s one-in-six record is maintained: of the 70 EMS Prize winners so far, 12 have now gone on to win the Fields Medal.)


- EMS Newsletter

The latest edition of the EMS Newsletter is online now at http://www.ems-ph.org/journals/newsletter/pdf/2018-09-109.pdf

(More details below.)





Bosnian Mathematical Society (BMS)

The 2018 BMS Conference took place at the Department of Mathematics, University of Sarajevo, 12-14 July. The conference was organized by the Universities of Sarajevo and Tuzla and the Mathematical Society of Sarajevo Canton. The conference hosted 60 registered participants from around Europe and beyond. Special sessions included number theory, analysis, difference equations & discrete dynamical systems, topological dynamics, algebra, computer science and mathematics education. There were 39 contributed talks and seven plenary addresses.

Webpage: www.pmf.unsa.ba/bms2018


Cyprus Mathematical Society

EUROMATH & EUROSCIENCE 2019: the 11th Annual Conference for pupils aged 9-18 and their teachers will be held 13-17 March 2019, in Paphos, Cyprus.

The Organizers include the Cyprus Mathematical Society & THALES Foundation in Cooperation with the EMS, Mathematical Society of South-Eastern Europe, CERN, and more. The event is held under the National Auspices of the Minister of Education and Culture of Cyprus and under the Municipal Auspices of the Mayor of the city of Paphos.

Webpages: www.euromath.org, www.euroscience.info


Danish Mathematical Society

Inspired by the EMS’s declaration of 2018 as the year of Mathematical Biology, the Danish Mathematical Society held its annual meeting with Mathematical Biology as the main theme. The meeting took place in Aarhus, 25-26 June, and featured Michael Reed (Duke University) as main speaker.


French Statistical Society (SFdS)

- The SFdS will hold an invited session in early September during the international conference ENBIS-18 in Nancy (France).

Webpage: https://www.enbis.org/activities/events/current/573_ENBIS_18_in_Nancy/


- The SFdS has agreed with ECAS (European Courses in Advanced Statistics, http://ecas.fenstats.eu/) to co-organise a one-week scientific school in each odd-numbered year. The next edition (in October 2019) will focus on Network Analysis, Inference, and Modelling.


Finnish Mathematical Society

Celebration of mathematics: 150 years of the Finnish Mathematical Society, Helsinki, November 30 - December 2, 2018.

The Finnish Mathematical Society celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, making it one of the oldest still functioning mathematical societies in the world. It will mark this milestone with a conference on various fields important to Finnish mathematics. In addition to invited speakers, the meeting will feature a panel discussion on the interaction of mathematics and society, bringing together representatives of industry, ministry of education and science.

Webpage: https://www.helsinki.fi/en/conferences/150-years-of-the-finnish-mathematical-society

Contact: fms150@helsinki.fi


Italian Mathematical Union (UMI)

- There will be a keynote lecture by Alessio Figalli on 3 September 2018, within the Meeting in Applied Mathematics and Calculus of Variations, Rome, 3-6 September 2018
Webpage: http://www1.mat.uniroma1.it/people/garroni/meeting2018.html


- A joint meeting of the UMI, the Italian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Polish Mathematical Society, will be held in Wrocław (Poland), 17-20 September 2018

Webpage: http://umi-simai.ptm.org.pl


- There will be a joint meeting of UMI and CIIM (Italian Commission for the Teaching of Mathematics), Cagliari, 4-6 October 2018 

Webpage: http://www.umi-ciim.it/2018/04/27/xxxiv-convegno-umi-ciim-cagliari-4-5-6-ottobre/


Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME)

- José Luis Rubio de Francia Prize 2017 awarded to Angelo Lucia.

The JLRF prize is awarded by the RSME, under the patronage of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad de Zaragoza, to mathematicians under the age of 32. This edition has been awarded to Angelo Lucia (University of Copenhagen) for his contributions to the mathematics of quantum systems. http://www.rsme.es/content/view/2627/1/


- RSME medals 2018

Consuelo Martínez (Universidad de Oviedo), Adolfo Quirós (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Juan Luis Vázquez (Universidad Autónoma de

Madrid) have been awarded the 2018 RSME medals. These are presented to three distinguished people in recognition of their contributions to Spanish mathematics. http://www.rsme.es/content/view/2628


- Mathematics Research Awards Vicent Caselles RSME-BBVA 2018

RSME, together with BBVA Foundation, has awarded six prizes to young researchers in mathematics. http://www.rsme.es/content/view/2637/1/


Spanish Society on Applied Mathematics (SeMA)

SeMA is deeply involved in the organization of ICIAM2019, which will take place in Valencia (Spain) 14-19 July 2019.

- Visit the web page www.iciam2019.org and subscribe to the ICIAM2019 Newsletter

- The call for Satellite meetings is on: https://www.iciam2019.org/index.php/scientific-program/minisymposia

- The call for Minisymposia is on: https://www.iciam2019.org/index.php/scientific-program/minisymposia

- The call for contributed papers and posters will open in September.

Don't miss out on this very special event that has not been held in Europe since ICIAM2007-Zurich.


Mathematical Society of Serbia

- The 14th Serbian Mathematical Congress was held in Kragujevac, Serbia, 16-19 May, 2018. More than 200 mathematicians participated across 6 congress fields and 4 workshops. The award for achievements in mathematical sciences for researchers not older than 40 was given to Dijana Mosić (University of Niš).

Webpage: https://imi.pmf.kg.ac.rs/kongres/index.php


- In 2018, we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mihajlo Petrović Alas, one of the best known Serbian mathematicians. The central event will be a conference in Belgrade, 2-3 October.

Webpage: http://www.mi.sanu.ac.rs/novi_sajt/research/conferences/mpa/mpa.php.


- The Mathematical Society of Serbia, supported by European Society for Research in Mathematical Education (ERME), will organize a scientific conference "Research in Mathematical Education", 18-19 May 2019, in Belgrade. The conference will examine research and developments in the field of mathematics education, both locally and internationally.


Ukrainian Mathematical Society

The 13th Summer School "Analysis, Topology and Applications" took place 29 July – 11 August in Vyzhnytsia, Chernivtsi district, Ukraine.

Webpage: http://www.math.lviv.ua/ata13/index.html


London Mathematical Society (LMS)

- The Noether Celebration meeting will be held on 11 September to mark the 100th anniversary of Emmy Noether's paper on Conservation Laws. 

Webpage: www.tinyurl.com/LMS-IMANoether2018   


- The Good Practice Scheme workshop will be held on 5 October focussing on the Society's updated Benchmarking Survey on women in mathematics and good practice in UK university departments.

Webpage: www.tinyurl.com/y73n9ze9   


- The Fisher Centenary meeting will be held on 9 October to celebrate the centennial of R.A. Fisher’s famous 1918 paper on the theory of quantitative trait inheritance.

Webpage: www.tinyurl.com/y9vwuhws


- Peter Scholze (Bonn) and Maria J. Esteban (CNRS, France) have been elected as Honorary Members of the Society.


- Hanna Fry was awarded the Christopher Zeeman Medal for her contributions to the public understanding of the mathematical sciences.


- Peter Giblin was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.


- Dusa McDuff, an LMS Honorary Member, was awarded the Royal Society’s 2018 Sylvester Medal in recognition of her work leading the development of symplectic geometry and topology.


- Alice Rogers was awarded the Royal Society’s Kavli Education Medal, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to mathematics education.





Applied Mathematics Committee

Within the framework of "Year of Mathematical Biology 2018", a joint venture of the EMS and ESMTB (see

http://euro-math-soc.eu/year-mathematical-biology-2018  for details and list of 36 organized events), it has been proposed to pick the day 10/10 as "mathematical biology day". For example, a special series of public talks on 10/10 at the Swedish Royal Society of Science.

The organisation committee of the YMB 2018 strongly encourages local activities especially on 10/10 related to mathematical biology.

Please write to torbjorn.lundh@chalmers.se with questions or proposals.


Committee for Developing Countries

The next deadlines of the EMS-Simons for Africa program are 15 September and 15 November, for research visits in all areas of pure and applied mathematics and statistics, for fellows based in Africa. This programme is run by the EMS Committee for Developing Countries, with the support of the Simons Foundation.

To submit an application, please visit: http://euro-math-soc.eu/ems-simons-africa


Raising Public Awareness (RPA) Committee

The RPA Committee is working on an interactive map of all mathematics outreach events in Europe, to appear soon on the site Mathematics in Europe http://mathematics-in-europe.eu. It will be open to all contributions (after quality control). If you are working in a mathematical society or are an organizer of this kind of event, please, contact the chair of the Committee: roberto.natalini@cnr.it





EMS Newsletter N109 - September 2018

The latest edition of the EMS Newsletter is online now: http://www.ems-ph.org/journals/newsletter/pdf/2018-09-109.pdf


Highlights include:

– Kinetic Equations: A French History, by C. Bardos and N. J. Mauser

– Interview with Abel Laureate Robert P. Langlands, conducted by B. Dundas and C. Skau

– A glimpse of sources for Historical Studies at the ETH archive in Zürich, by N. Oswald and K. Volkert

– Flipping JACO, by M. Wilson et al

– BCAM, the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, by J-B Bru and C. Pérez

– A brief history of the French Statistical Society, by G. Biau

– Slovenian Discrete and Applied Mathematics Society joins EMS, by K. Kutnar and T. Pisanski

– The new International Science Council, a global voice for science, by M.J. Esteban and G. Puppo

– Espace mathématique francophone 2018, by Jean-Luc Dorier

– ERME Thematic Working Groups, by N. Planas et al

– Pseudonyms and author collectives in zbMATH, by O. Teschke et al.


Reminder: you can browse all issues of the EMS Newsletter (past & present) online at http://www.ems-ph.org/journals/all_issues.php?issn=1027-488X



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Recent books:

Anne Thomas, Geometric and Topological Aspects of Coxeter Groups and Buildings



Alexander V. Kosyak, Regular, Quasi-regular and Induced Representations of Infinite-dimensional Groups



Bogdan Nica, A Brief Introduction to Spectral Graph Theory



Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, and Stochastic Analysis The Helge Holden Anniversary Volume
Fritz Gesztesy, Harald Hanche-Olsen, Espen R. Jakobsen, Yurii I.  Lyubarskii, Nils Henrik Risebro and Kristian Seip (eds.)



Timothée Marquis, An Introduction to Kac–Moody Groups over Fields



For more information about our Publishing House, see http://www.ems-ph.org/





6th Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF), 23-28 September 2018

Every year, 200 selected young researchers in mathematics and computer science have the opportunity to network and discuss research with the laureates of the disciplines: recipients of the Abel Prize, ACM A.M. Turing Award, ACM Prize in Computing, Fields Medal and the Nevanlinna Prize. At the 6th Heidelberg Laureate Forum 23-28 September, these brilliant minds from all over the world will come together for a week of scientific exchange. In addition to laureate lectures, as part of the scientific program a panel of experts will break down the potential of blockchain technology, separating hype from reality.

In parallel, running 22-27 September, the "Women of Mathematics throughout Europe" exhibition is open to the public, enabling an unconventional insight into the world of mathematics.

Webpage: www.heidelberg-laureate-forum.org



Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), Heidelberg University IWR School 2018 "Advances in Mathematical Optimization", 12-18 October 2018.

Short courses will be given by Tobias Achterberg (Gurobi), Hans Georg Bock (Heidelberg University), Christian Kirches (Technical University of Braunschweig), Ekaterina Kostina (Heidelberg University), Martine Labbé (Université Libre de Bruxelles and INRIA), Gerhard Reinelt (Heidelberg University), Andrea Tramontani (CPLEX Optimization, IBM Italy), and Stephen J. Wright (University of Wisconsin, Madison). They will cover fundamental concepts, recent innovations, and many practical applications of continuous, discrete and mixed-integer optimization as well as of optimal control and game theory. The registration deadline is 31 August 2018.

Webpage: http://www.iwr.uni-heidelberg.de/events/iwr-school-2018





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