The EMS condemns Taylor & Francis's attack on freedom of science

The European Mathematical Society has become aware of serious mistreatment by the publishing company Taylor & Francis of the Iranian mathematicians Abbas Fakhari and Mohammad Soufi.

Their paper "Saturation of Generalized Partially Hyperbolic Attractors" was submitted to the journal Dynamical Systems, passed the peer review process, after which it was accepted by the journal and posted online on Dec 3, 2018. See:

After this, the journal’s managing editor Justin Robinson informed the authors that the publishing house was unable to proceed with any further processing of their paper, due to the authors' nationality, in "compliance with laws and regulations applied by the UK, US, European Union, and United Nations jurisdictions with respect to countries subject to trade restrictions".

The EMS regards such an attack on freedom of science as absolutely unacceptable.

Actions of this type concern not only mathematics but every scientific and academic discipline, and threaten to return our society to the darkest moments of the last century.

Postscript: Responding to wide protests of the community, T&F told the authors that their paper will be published.

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