Update on the arrest of Tuna Altinel & report from the court

Tuna Altinel, EMS member and Professor at the Université Lyon 1 in France, was imprisoned in Turkey on 11th May. At the time, the EMS issued a statement condemning this attack on his human rights. Court hearings related to the case took place in Turkey on 26th and 30th of July, following the second of which Tuna Altinel was released after 81 days in prison. Although very welcome, this is not the end; at time of writing his passport has not been returned and nor has the case against him been dismissed, with a further hearing scheduled for 19th November. The EMS reiterates our demand that these infringements of Tuna Altinel's rights immediately cease, and he be allowed to return to France to resume his teaching and research.


The mathematician Gregory Cherlin attended the second court hearing as an an international observer on behalf of the American Mathematical Society, the Committee of Concerned Scientists, and the Association for Symbolic Logic. His very thorough report can be read here.


See also: the the American Mathematical Society's account of recent developments, several relevant pages on the website of the Committee of Concerned Scientists, and previous statements from Société Mathématique de France and the Association for Symbolic Logic.