PI Day 2020 at PI, featuring mathematicians around the world

Most events for March 14 = PI Day = The International Day of Mathematics had to be cancelled due to the corona crisis. At the Wolfgang Pauli Institute in Vienna, an online event in form of a 24 minutes video happened, where WPI director Norbert J. Mauser introduces the "thumb times PI" Day and where 7 mathematicians in quarantaine in 7 different cities present short messages for "PI day in the year of corona":

  • Alfio Quarteroni, from Lodi,
  • Doron Levy, from Washington D.C.,
  • Peter A. Markowich, from Jeddah/Vienna,
  • Shi Jin, from Shanghai,
  • Zhennan Zhou, from Beijing,
  • Edriss Titi, from Cambridge,
  • Claude Bardos, from Paris.