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Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics

Terms of reference:

The remit of the Committee for Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics
--- appointed by the EMS --- is a. to encourage and inspire actions
directed towards raising public awareness of the importance of
mathematics for contemporary society in a cultural and historical
perspective; b. to assist in the furtherance of concerted actions with
other European or international organisations and societies in matters
of raising public awareness of science and technology and other
important aspects of society with a strong component of mathematics.

EC responsible member:
Martin Raussen, Email:

Mathematics in Europe

Chair: Prof. Dr. Ehrhard Behrends (Address)
Term of office: 2009-2014
Term: II
Email: behrends@math.fu-berlin.de
Vice-Chair: Franka Miriam Brueckler
Term of office: 2009-2014
Term: II
Email: bruckler@math.hr


Name Term of office Term Email:
Silvia Benvenuti 2013-2016 I silvia.benveniti@unicam.it
Jorge Buescu 2012-2015 I jbuescu@ptmat.fc.ul.pt
Krzysztof Ciesielski 2009-2016 II Krzysztof.Ciesielski@im.uj.edu.pl
Maria Dedo 2010-2014 I maria.dedo@unimi.it
Steve Humble 2012-2015 I drmaths@hotmail.co.uk
Raúl Ibañez 2010-2014 I raul.ibanez@ehu.es
Steen Markvorsen 2009-2016 II S.Markvorsen@mat.dtu.dk
Sara Santos 2012-2015 I sara@mathsbusking.com
Betül Tanbay 2009-2016 II tanbay@boun.edu.tr

Past Members

Name Term of office Term Email
John Barrow 2008-2012 I j.d.barrow@damtp.cam.ac.uk
Thomas Bruss 2007-2011 II tbruss@ulb.ac.be
Nuno Crato 2007-2011 I ncrato@iseg.utl.pt
Karl Sigmund 2010-2014 I karl.sigmund@univie.ac.at
George Szpiro 2008-2012 I george@netvision.net.il
Robin Wilson 2009-2012 II r.j.wilson@open.ac.uk

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