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The EMS Publishing House is moving to Berlin

The EMS Publishing House is now moving to Berlin. Its headquarters will be located in the TU Berlin mathematics building and will be headed by André Gaul (CEO) and Vera Spillner (Editorial Director). The new EMS Publishing House leadership team comes with broad and innovative publishing experience and will focus on community and Open Access publishing.

Tue, 16 Jul 2019
ICM2020 website

The website of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022, July 6-14, in Saint Petersburg, is now operational.

Thu, 4 Jul 2019
EMS e-News 31, June 2019


Dear EMS members,

The last months have been full of activities. Here I would like to mention a few.
A highlight was the award of the Abel Prize to Karen Uhlenbeck, the first female recipient, on May 21. This was followed by a day of talks related to her work. These can be viewed here:
The restructuring of the EMS publishing house is underway. The new organization, in the form of a limited company owned by the EMS, was established at the end of March. The hiring process for the new management is in progress. The new publishing house will immediately face a major challenge, with the increasing importance of open access publishing, in particular Plan S of the European Commission. The EMS has reacted to this plan, pointing the possible consequences for small publishers and the mathematics community. See
Another major concern is research funding for mathematics in Europe, which is constantly decreasing even within the ERC. See item “FUNDING FOR MATHEMATICAL RESEARCH” below, appealing to EMS members to become more active on all levels.

Volker Mehrmann
EMS President



Wed, 12 Jun 2019
Shaw Prize 2019 awarded to Michel Talagrand

The Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences 2019 has been awarded to Michel Talagrand, Sorbonne University, France, for his work on concentration inequalities, on suprema of stochastic processes and on rigorous results for spin glasses.

Tue, 21 May 2019
EMS Statement on the Arrest of Prof Tuna Altinel

Last week the mathematician Tuna Altinel, member of the European Mathematical Society and professor at the Université Lyon 1 in France, was arrested in Turkey after he had his passport extracted by the police. Tuna Altinel was one of the signatories of the peace petition supported by more than 2000 scientists and intellectuals against military actions towards civilians.

The European Mathematical Society condemns this violation of Prof Altinel’s human rights and demands that he is immediately released and allowed to return to France to resume his teaching and research.

Tue, 14 May 2019
Diderot Mathematical Forum

A Diderot Mathematical Forum on "Mathematics & Architecture" will be held on 8th June in 3 cities simultaneously: Helsinki, Porto, & Prague.

Tue, 7 May 2019
Reports on Impact of MathematicsFri, 19 Apr 2019
W.K. Clifford Prize Call for Nominations

W.K. Clifford Prize 2020 --- CALL FOR NOMINATIONS

The W.K. Clifford Prize is an international scientific prize designed to encourage young researchers to compete for excellence in theoretical and applied Clifford algebras, their analysis and geometry.  The award consists of a written certificate, one year of online access to two Clifford algebra related journals, a book token worth €150, and a cash award of €1000. The laureate is also offered the opportunity to give the special W.K. Clifford Prize Lecture at University College London, where W.K. Clifford held the first Goldsmid Chair from 1871 until his untimely death in 1879.

The next W.K. Clifford Prize will be awarded at the 12th Conference on Clifford Algebras and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics (ICCA12) in Hefei (CHINA) in 2020.

The deadline for nominations is September 30, 2019.   Nominations should be sent to

For details see

Fri, 29 Mar 2019
The Basque Center for Applied Mathematics - BCAM launches a photography contest to celebrate its 10th anniversary

The Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics - BCAM has organized several scientific and disseminative activities to commemorate its 10 years of trajectory dedicated to research and knowledge transfer on applied mathematics. Among these activities is the photography contest #BCAM10years in which they are looking for the best photograph of a mathematical blackboard.

To participate users will only have to follow the center on Twitter, take a photograph of a blackboard with mathematical content and upload it to this social network using the hashtag #BCAM10years and mention @BCAMBilbao in the tweet.

The contest is aimed at both mathematicians and enthusiasts of this science and photography. The winner of the contest will receive a GoPro Hero 7 Black sports camera. In addition, he or she will be able to attend a BCAM scientific or dissemination activity of their choice, with travel expenses paid according to the criteria of the center, and will receive a BCAM merchandising pack.

The competition will be open until May 14th 2019 (included). Once the deadline for image submission has passed, a jury made up of members of BCAM's management and external experts will select the best images. The names of the winners will be published on June 10th, the date on which the center will contact them to arrange the award ceremony.

More details about the contest are available at the following link:

Tue, 26 Mar 2019
EMS e-News 30, March 2019




Dear members of the EMS,

This is a short summary of my vision for the EMS in the next four years.

Although the EMS is a well-functioning society, there is always room for improvement and there are major challenges on the horizon. We have to overcome the large imbalance of mathematical research and education in Europe. We should communicate better between the different fields of mathematics and with other sciences and we should strongly work together in lobbying for the advancement of mathematics in Europe. The different areas of mathematics should treat each other with higher respect than often in the past and we should get more active in the advancement of young mathematicians and to increase the visibility of mathematics in society and our young colleagues, in particular.

Mathematical publications are an important factor of our activities.  In view of the fact that publishing becomes more and more electronic, the current publishing models will have to be rethought, and this will be a major activity for the EMS in the coming years. This also concerns the current open access strategies of the EU and the member states that will have a major effect on the way mathematical publishing in the future will look.

Mon, 25 Mar 2019