Actes des journées mathématiques à la mémoire de Jean Leray

This volume contains an introduction by Yves Meyer and ten contributions illustrating various aspects of the scientific work of Jean Leray. They stem from lectures given at the meeting organised by the Laboratory of Mathematics of the University of Nantes in June 2002 in order to celebrate the memory of Jean Leray. A very interesting introduction, “Jean Leray et la recherche de la vérité”, collects keystones of Jean Leray's personal and scientific life accompanied by his memories, comments and opinions.
Research contributions include: S. Agmon, “On the asymptotics of Green functions of elliptic operators with constant coefficients”; D. Barlet, “Singularités réelles isolées et développments asymptotiques d'intégrales oscillantes”; P. Bolley, Pham The Lai, “Réduction au bord d'un problème modèle de Kelvin”; R. Camalès, “Problème de Cauchy ramifié pour une classe d'opérateurs dont les racines caractéristique sont en involution”; J. Y. Chemin, “Le système de Navier-Stokes incompressible soixante dix ans aprés Jean Leray”; Y. Choquet-Bruhat, “Asymptotic solutions of nonlinear wave equations and polarized null conditions”; M. Fontes, E. Saksman, “Optimal results for the two dimensional Navier-Stokes equations with lower regularity on the data”; J. L. Loday, “Scindement d'associativité et algèbres de Hopf”; P. Schapira, “Sheaves: from Leray to Grothendieck and Sato”; J. C. Sikorav, “Dual elliptic planes”. The volume contains a short abstract in French and in English for each paper; five of the papers are written in English and five in French.

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