Analyse complexe, systemes dynamiques, sommabilité des séries divergentes et théories Galoisiennes I

These two volumes cover the conference, ‘Complex Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Summability of Divergent Series and Galois Theories’, which was held in Toulouse (22th-26th Sept, 2003) on the occasion of J.-P. Ramis’ 60th birthday. For this reason many contributions pay tribute to the impact of J.-P. Ramis’ work. There are surveys on his contribution to the theories of linear and nonlinear differential and functional equations and also papers devoted to further prospects of his results. The spectrum is broad and ranges from functional and differential equations and partial differential equations, through p-adic analysis to summation processes and various algebraic constructions connected to these theories. The proceedings present a very interesting collection of surveys on the versatility of ideas used in this important part of mathematical analysis and mathematics as a whole. The collection can be recommended to those actively working in the fields related to those mentioned in the title of the proceedings.

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