Automorphic Representations, L-Functions and Applications: Progress and Prospects

This book comprises the proceedings of a conference held in 2003 in honour of the 60th birthday of S. Rallis. The volume contains fourteen articles of interest to specialists on automorphic forms including surveys by D. Bump and H. Jacquet on the Rankin-Selberg method and the relative trace formula, respectively, as well as research articles on topics ranging from representation theory of p-adic groups (E. M. Baruch; S. Kudla, S. Rallis; C. Moeglin; J. W. Cogdell, I. I. Piatetski-Shapiro, F. Shahidi) through constructions of automorphic representations (W. T. Gan, N. Gurevich; D. Ginzburg, S. Rallis, D. Soundry) and investigations of Rankin-Selberg L-functions (D. Ginzburg, D. Jiang, S. Rallis; E. M. Lapid, S. Rallis) to p-adic and (mod p) automorphic forms (M. Harris, J.-S. Li, Ch. M. Skinner; M.-F. Vigneras). S. Rallis himself is a coauthor of five articles in this volume!

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