Benford's Law: Theory and Applications

This is an excellent companion to the book by Arno Berger and Theodore P. Hill An Introduction to Benford's Law (Princeton University Press, 2015) that gives a sound mathematical introduction to the law and that is also reviewed here. More info on the nature of Benford's law can be found there. A 40-page summary of that introduction can also be found as a chapter in the current volume. Miller has also an introductory chapter where he gives arguments based on Fourier analysis to show that most sequences will (almost) satisfy Benford's law.

Many other specialists on the topic contribute the 16 remaining papers. Some of them deal with further theoretical issues such as convergence. However, most of them discuss applications in many different fields such as accounting and voting systems, in economics and finance, psychology, games, clinical data, and medical images. An additional chapter provides exercises for all the previous chapters. The editor has a special site devoted to the book. For example all the exercises that can be associated with each of the chapters are downloadable in pdf format. It is advisable to also look up the editor's website for supplementary material. This can include references for additional reading, software, homework assignments, and occasionally even a video.

Note that although Benford's law is rather popular among mathematical hobbyists, it requires a good mathematical training to embark on this book and a sound introduction is given by the introductory book by berger and Hill mentioned above.

Both the present book and the introductory book by Berger and Hill show that Benford's law has matured and is now taken much more seriously than it was before.

Adhemar Bultheel
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This is a collection of research papers dealing with Benford's law. There are some introductory survey papers, some papers on the the theory, but most discuss applications in diverse domains.



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