The Book of Presidents 1865-1965

This book concentrates on the history of the London Mathematical Society, which was established in 1865 during the reign of Queen Victoria and which became one of the most important scientific societies and well respected in Europe and America. In the introduction, the authors describe its history using the lives of its eminent members as a basis. The second part contains short biographies and scientific evaluations of the presidents of the London Mathematical Society from 1865 up to 2003 (from A. De Morgan up to F. C. Kirwan), together with more than eighty photographs and a list of presidential addresses given at the conclusion of their respective presidencies. The third part contains a list of the De Morgan medalists from 1884 (A. Cayley) up to 2004 (R. Penrose) with their photographs and short biographies. At the end, a list of honorary members from 1867 (M. Chasles) up to 2004 (I. M. Singer) is added. The short glossary explains the history of prizes, sizeships, medals, orders and "chairs" of the society.
This is an excellent book, which can be recommended to readers willing to learn about and appreciate the rich history of the London Mathematical Society and to know which branches of mathematics were popular in the second part of the 19th century through to the 20th century.

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