Chaos - A Very Short Introduction

Chaos is everywhere. It is a behaviour that looks random but is not random. It is also an important area of contemporary mathematical research, studying situations where very small changes at the beginning of a certain process cause huge errors at the end. This is not only about weather forecasting or five-year economy planning that has been used by communist systems. The idea of a small mistake having enormous consequences after some time is intuitive, yet it leads to new ways of understanding physical sciences. Chaos is a scientific discipline, which has recently been developing rapidly with interesting facts being discovered. It is also littered with pervasive myths such as the one about non-predictability of chaotic systems, which calls for explanation.
Everyone interested in such an explanation as well as in questions, like whether the flap of a butterfly’s wing can affect a hurricane on the other side of the world, should read this book. The author provides an excellent introductory explanation to the fascinating topic of chaos, on an accessible level and in a highly entertaining way.

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