Combinatorics, Complexity and Chance - A Tribute to Dominic Welsh

This book is a tribute to Dominic Welsh who formally retired from Oxford University in 2005. Dominic Welsh has been extremely influential in many aspects of discrete mathematics, especially in the theories of graphs, matroids, algorithmic complexity, cryptography and knots, together with discrete physical models and applied probability. His doctoral thesis
was written under the supervision of John Hammersley. This was a basis
for the important joint publication with Hammersley, which laid the foundations for first-passage percolation and subadditive stochastic processes. Later, Dominic Welsh also laid the foundations of the theory of matroids and wrote the first major text on the subject. The strong influence of Dominic Welsh in these and other areas of mathematics is widely recognised. The topics represented in this volume reflect the wide vision of Dominic Welsh. The contributors include some of his ex-graduate students together with several prominent colleagues. There are articles on graphs, matroids, polynomials, random structures, algorithms and knots.

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