Communicating Mathematics in the Digital Era

This book contains 19 talks presented at the conference on the topic described in the title organised at Aveiro in August 2006. It is divided into three parts: Electronic Publishing and Digital Libraries, Technology Enhancements for Disseminating Mathematics, and Educational and Cultural Framework. The first part starts with some historical facts on digital publishing, together with a survey of the effort to convert existing classical sources to a digital form. It also contains examples of drawbacks of electronic publishing and comments on the influence of big specialised companies on the publishing of mathematical journals. It is very interesting to learn the experience from the French NUMDAM project or to read about the present state of the EMIS. There is a discussion of some national activities; all of them are aimed at presenting broad and unlimited access to information relevant for the mathematical community. The book also contains information on new methods of communication and learning in our digital era. I can recommend the book to libraries of universities and institutions that plan to issue or join digitalisation projects. Any such project could be prepared on a better level if it is based on the experience of others.

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