The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics (third edition)

Fifteen years after the first edition and nine years after the second one, this great reference book appears for the third time. It now has five hundred pages of reference items and eight appendices. The level has been carefully chosen to suit a wide public with emphasis on sixth-form pupils, college students and first-year university students. Such students will hardly ever meet a mathematical term that is not explained in this dictionary. The book, however, will also be of interest for students and teachers at all other levels, engineers, and, in fact, pretty much anyone with any kind of interest in mathematics and/or its history. Even a professional mathematician can learn a lot from it because it covers a fairly wide range of mathematical subjects including applied mathematics, statistics, and related branches.
Compared to previous editions, the dictionary has been enriched with over five hundred new entries. The new elements reflect the growing importance of applied mathematics and, in particular, applied statistics. Apart from definitions of mathematical terms and simple explanations of their meaning and use, the book also contains biographical data of important mathematicians. The third edition has more of these than the previous editions, mainly on 20th century mathematicians. The eight appendices are of great value as well. They contain basic area and volume formulas, differentiation and integration tables, a list of the most important Taylor expansions, a useful and well-arranged table of trigonometric formulas, a comprehensive list of various mathematical symbols of all types, the Greek alphabet, and finally, the complete list of all Fields medal winners since 1936. This dictionary is likely to become an indispensable tool for both students and teachers. It provides admirably deep and comprehensive information in a reader-friendly style. This makes it very difficult for a reader to stop browsing once started.

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