Constantin Carathéodory, Mathematics and Politics in Turbulent times

This is an excellent biography of a man who belongs to the most renowned mathematicians of the first half of the 20th century. More than 50 years after his death – much later than his contribution to the science deserves – this book brings his personality and work to life again. It depicts them in full context with that period, so rich on far reaching revolutionary events, in a very lively and suggestive way. Being a German mathematician born in an outstanding Greek family of diplomats, Constantin Carathéodory was attached to German intellectual tradition by his German education, as well as to Greece by his emotions. Moreover, a man of his intellectual influence must have also been a man of political significance. Because of these facts and in connection with the dramatic period in which he lived, he is very suitable subject for a biography. The author has gathered with exceptional care almost all accessible material that has a bearing to the life of this scientist, and has built a narrative that will fascinate everyone who opens the book.

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