CRC Standard Curves and Surfaces with Mathematica, second edition, +CD

This is a book of mathematical pictures. It contains about 1000 illustrations of curves and surfaces of standard mathematical functions created by the computer algebra system Mathematica. In the introductory chapter the basic concepts concerning curves and surfaces are given. It also includes a modern classification of curves and surfaces. The structure of the following sixteen chapters is such that the formulas and/or the specific values of the parameters of the curves are on the left page while the corresponding plots are on the right page. New or reorganized sections in this edition are Green’s functions, minimal surfaces, knots, links, Archimedean solids, duals of Platonic solids and stellated forms. With the exception of the introduction all the chapters are on the accompanying CD-ROM in the form of Mathematica notebooks. In fact, there is more material on the CD than in the book. Moreover, some omissions in the printed version are corrected in the electronic one. The reader can use the Mathematica notebooks to modify and play with plots of all the functions presented in the book. This book is recommended to anybody interested in the field.

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