Elliptic Cohomology - Geometry, Applications, and Higher Chromatic Analogues

This book contains material connected with the Isaac Newton Institute’s activity on elliptic cohomology and its higher chromatic analogues organized in Cambridge in December, 2002. The book contains 17 contributions on many different topics. It includes papers on possibilities of geometric descriptions of elliptic cohomology (G. Segal, and N. Kitchloo and J. Morava), on equivariant cohomology theories (J. Greenlees, M. Ando and Ch. French, and I. Gronowski), on modular properties of rational vertex operator algebras (G. Mason), on motivic Thom isomorphism (J. Morava), on a relation between M-theory and E8 gauge theory in dimensions 10, 11 and 12 (E. Diaconescu, G. Moore, and D. Freed), on the endomorphism ring of a formal group and numerical polynomials (K. Johnson) and several papers on higher analogues of elliptic cohomology (J. Devoto, D. Ravenel, H.-W. Henn, N. Minami, and a review article by M. Hovey).

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