European Women in Mathematics. Proceedings of the Tenth General Meeting,

The EWM organization (European Women in Mathematics) is an affiliation of women bound by a common interest in the position of women in mathematics. A lot of information about EWM is given in the introductory part of this book, including the history and the aim of EWM, the list of European countries involved in the activities of EWM, basic data about the previous meetings of EWM since 1986 in Paris and a lot of other interesting information. The Tenth General Meeting took place in Malta in August 2001. The mathematical part of the proceedings mostly comprises invited lectures. They are devoted to “Mathematics applied to finance” (five lectures), “Geometry” (four lectures on cohomology and four lectures on applications) and a series of lectures by the EMS lecturer M. Vergne on convex polytopes. All talks are accessible to a broader audience, often introducing a new approach or new results. There are also abstracts of 35 posters from various branches of mathematics. A section of the book is devoted to some problems on the interrelationship of mathematics and human society. The book is valuable not only for mathematicians as it provides precise and valuable information to a reader interested in the role of women in mathematics and, more generally, gender studies.

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