Fixed Point Structure Theory

This book is a monograph on the so-called fixed point structures that cover topological and ordered spaces and operators on them possessing fixed points. The book is divided into two parts; the first one is devoted to single-valued operators and the second one to multi-valued operators. Many results are based on the author's research. Even though all the standard conditions for the existence of a fixed point are included, a student may have a problem finding them since they are presented as examples of general structures. The missing subject index is surely a disadvantage of the book. There is an author index but one does not find, for example, the Brouwer and Schauder fixed point theorems under these names. The book will be interesting for researchers in topology studying interconnections between various fixed point properties. Those who are interested in applications will find many references to other texts.

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978-973-610-448-0 or 973-610-448-6

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