Fortran 95/2003 Explained

The target audience of this book is new and existing users of Fortran, who need a readable textbook for teaching or learning. The book is also suitable, with its extensive index, as a handy reference for practitioners involved in scientific and numerical computing. It presents a clear and comprehensive description of the Fortran 95 language and the features that are new in Fortran 2003. The book is excellent. It is written in such a way that simple programs can already be coded after the first three chapters have been read. Subsequent chapters complete a description of powerful features of Fortran. The text is centered on topics that form the essentials of programming: concept of the module, aspects of procedures, array features, data objects, input/output features, object-oriented programming. The explanation proves that Fortran has progressively enhanced its power and kept it competitive with several generations of its rivals. The text details all new features including interoperability with the C programming language.

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