Game Theory, Optimal Stopping, Probability and Statistics

This special volume was written in honour of Thomas S. Ferguson on the occasion of his 70th birthday by his colleagues, scientific collaborators, students and friends. Thomas Ferguson is a mathematical statisticians who remarkably contributed to several parts of mathematical statistics. The book contains of interesting papers mostly connected with areas, where Ferguson was working but there are also papers not so closely connected with areas of his interest. The volume is divided into 4 parts. The first two parts contain mostly papers related Ferguson’s interests. Part I contains papers on Amazons, on the square root game, on games against prophets, and on randomized distributions. Papers on secretary problems, optimal control, selecting monotone subsequences, and on lattices with applications to martingale theory are included into Part II. Part III includes papers discussing boundary crossing probabilities, efficient coupling, and almost sure number of pairwise sums of random integer subsets. Part IV contains papers from different part of statistics, e.g., on Cox proportional hazard models, on density estimates in metric space, nonparametric methods, sequential analysis. All papers were referreed.

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