Handbook of Linear Algebra

The editor has put together an impressive list of authors. This handbook covers all the major topics of linear algebra at both graduate and undergraduate level, as well as their applications and related software packages. It starts with elementary aspects of the subject and then takes the reader to the frontiers of current research. The book is organized in five main parts. The first part, consisting of 26 chapters, covers linear algebra. The next 10 chapters deal with combinatorial linear algebra and are followed by 13 chapters on numerical linear algebra. Applications of linear algebra both inside and outside of mathematics are dealt with over 21 chapters. Finally, there are 7 chapters on software packages useful for linear algebra computations.

Each chapter is written by a different team of authors. Individual chapters are divided into sections and each section is organized into a uniform format consisting of definitions, facts and examples. The facts (usually called theorems, lemmas, etc.) are presented in a list format without proofs but with detailed references. The examples illustrate the definitions and facts. The handbook will be without doubt a valuable resource for anyone using linear algebra, i.e. basically for any mathematician.

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