Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures, fourth edition

This book is the fourth extended edition of the handbook designed to provide researchers, teachers and students with a comprehensive reference in the area of parametric and nonparametric statistical methods. The author focuses on hypothesis testing. The structure of the handbook is the following: introduction, 40 tests (with a separate chapter for each test) and appendix containing tables. The third edition has only 32 tests. The fourth one contains eight additional chapters (tests) concerning multivariate statistical methods and some medical statistics. Their titles are: multivariate regression, Hotelling’s T2, multivariate analysis of variance, multivariate analysis of covariance, discriminant function analysis, canonical correlational, logistic regression, and principal components analysis and factor analysis. The chapters (tests) all have the same structure: basic information on the particular problem, illustrative example, formulation of the null and alternative hypotheses, test computation (statistical software package SPSS serves as the basic software), interpretation of the test results, related tests, additional discussion, additional examples and references. The same structure in each chapter ensures that chapters are self-contained. The handbook can serve as a reference book for classical statistical procedures concerning hypothesis testing.

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