Inside Out. Inverse Problems and Applications

Inverse problems appear in many practical situations of everyday life. The most popular example is perhaps computerized tomography (CT) but there are many other important situations, where external measurements are used to obtain information on an inaccessible interior (of the human body, of the Earth, etc.) There has been enormous progress in the last twenty years in this field, due to substantial advances in theory as well as to a great increase in computational resources.
This book gives an up-to-date summary on the progress. It presents articles by leading specialists on important subjects. An attempt is made to integrate the separate topics within the whole volume. Some main themes of the book are: Introduction (A. Faridari), Recent developments in the X-Ray Transform (D. V. Finch), Inverse Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering theory (D. Colton), Inverse Problems in Transport theory (P. Stepanov), Near Field Tomography (P. S. Carney and J. C. Schotland), Time Harmonic Electrodynamics (P. Ola, L. Paivarinta, E. Somersalo), X-Ray Transform with Sources in a Curve (D. Finch, I. Lan, G. Uhlmann), Seismic Inverse Scattering (M. V. de Hoop), Singularities of the Scattering Kernel (V. Petkov, L. Stoyanov), Geometry and Analysis of Many Body Scattering (A. Vasy) and Time Reversal Mirror (C. Bardos). This collection will undoubtedly be very useful both to researchers in the field and postgraduate students.

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