Introductory Algebraic Number Theory

This book provides a nice introduction to classical parts of algebraic number theory. The text follows a standard scheme of introductions and discusses unique factorization, Euclidean rings, Dedekind rings, integral bases, ideal factorization, Dirichlet’s unit theorem, the class group, etc. Analytical techniques, such as L-series or the class number formula, are not covered. The attention paid to cubic extensions, which was motivated by applications in Diophantine equations, is a bit unusual. Another unusual but positive feature of the book is that besides standard supplements to each chapter (such as a list of exercises), the reader will find an annotated bibliography with suggestions for further reading. The text is written in a lively style and can be read without any prerequisites. Therefore the book is very suitable for graduate students starting mathematics courses or mathematicians interested in introductory reading in algebraic number theory. The book presents a welcome addition to the existing literature.

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