Leonard Euler

In spite of the existence of many texts devoted to the description of Euler’s life and in spite of the fact that this is “a book about a great mathematician, which is entirely formulae-free”, the book brings many facts of interest even for a professional mathematician (as was the intention of the original publisher). The author follows Euler’s career in detail. The first chapter contains a brief copy of Euler’s curriculum vitae (in German, with English translation, dictated by Euler to his son in 1767) written about 17 years before his death. It also contains a description of Euler’s Basel period. Other chapters contain an account of the first Petersburg stay, the Berlin period and the second stay in Petersburg. A reader will learn facts about Euler’s parents, his close friends, his children and both his marriages as well as many fields influenced by Euler’s mathematical work. The book contains nice pictures, ten pages of bibliographical sources and a lot of notes. The book will be of interest to everybody who wants to know more about the unique phenomenon of ”Euler”, the most productive mathematician in the history of mathematics.

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