Logical Dilemmas. The Life and Work of Kurt Gödel

This biography offers a complete picture of the life and work of the logician and philosopher Kurt Gödel. It is known that Gödel’s results: completeness and compactness theorems, incompleteness theorems, constructible sets, and consistency proofs, opened fundamental branches of modern mathematical logic and set theory. Moreover, his cosmological and philosophical opinions (a formalization of Anselm’s ontological argument of the existence of God) are also treated here. The book is a narration of Gödel’s life, interrupted by two excursions into the history of mathematical logic and set theory (chapters III and VI). In the text, we can find a plastic picture of Gödel’s personality and a devoted and intelligible explanation of his scientific results and their impact on various branches of mathematics. Appendix C consists of brief biographical vignettes of some of the people mentioned. The book comprehensively illuminates knowledge and history of the modern foundations of mathematics.

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