Managing Mathematical Projects - with Success!

More than 20 years of the authors’ experience in supervising and assessing mathematical projects have resulted in this book, the title of which can hardly be more eloquent. Moreover, the eloquence persists from the first to the last page. The features of individual projects, group projects and case studies are carefully described as well as their assessment together with aspects like interim and final reports, verbal presentation, classification and moderating. Each of the three mentioned types of projects are then carefully studied in detail in separate chapters, which contain valuable observations and advice for students preparing projects as well as for their supervisors (selecting projects, forming student groups and all the other aspects that have a bearing on the final result). As the author says, “One can often learn much from reading the work of the other students, … “ and so some verbatim extracts from student projects are added as examples, followed by some other examples of projects, by students who have gained their degrees. Three individual projects have been included in full in three separate appendices. In the last few decades, the teaching of mathematics has undergone some remarkable changes mirroring deeper influences on other sciences and areas. The book reflects these changes. It is a sheer joy reading it and appreciating the authors’ refined style and humor. From the viewpoint of students, supervisors, as well as of assessors, this book must be unanimously marked as excellent.

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