Mathematical People. Profiles and Interviews

This book is the second edition of a unique collection containing 25 interesting interviews with important mathematicians who have influenced mathematics in the twentieth century. The first edition was published in 1985. The editors have updated biographical notes to reflect events and changes that have taken place since the first edition of the book. The well-written classical interviews may influence many young students and scientists beginning their careers to study and do mathematics or its applications. The interviews offer insights into the personal and professional lives of some leading scholars, who answer important questions (e.g. why did they work in mathematics, how did they get into their specializations, what influenced their careers and how did they choose their students and collaborators). The book creates a broad view of the landscape of mathematical personalities, mathematical community and mathematics (in particular in the United States and Canada) in the last few decades. The book can be recommended both for mathematicians and interested readers outside of mathematics.

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