The Mathematical Works of Bernard Bolzano

The book contains an English translation of nine of Bolzano's most significant mathematical works from geometry, analysis and the theory of numbers. Some of them are translated to English for the first time. There is information about primary sources and German or English printed editions of Bolzano's work, which was used by the author. The main aim of the book is to present a representative selection of Bolzano's mathematical works for a broad English speaking audience. Interesting prefaces containing interpretation of the historical circumstances, mathematical sources and achievements of Bolzano's works are added to each translation. Important detailed critical commentaries on the context of Bolzano's works and his mathematical achievements are included. The book ends with subject and name indices. The book will be very interesting and helpful for historians of mathematics who are interested in the development of mathematics in the first half of the 19th century. The translations may encourage historians and philosophers of mathematics, potential researchers and students, to study the works of Bolzano and his contemporaries from many points of view (mathematical, linguistic, historical, etc.)

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