Mathematics and Culture I

This book is the first English translation of the Italian original (with the same title, also published by Springer). M. Emmer regularly organizes all the Italian meetings of the same title, which take place in various historical Italian locations (e.g. Bologna, Venezia). These large meetings attract scientists from all branches of mathematics and also artists (visual artists but also actors, movie makers and musicians), architects and literary people. The articles reflect various approaches to a now popular topic. The scope of the book is amply reflected by the titles of individual chapters: Mathematics (articles by C. Procesi and H. W. Kuhn); Mathematics and history (a remarkable article by G. Israel); Mathematics and economics; Mathematics, Arts and Aesthetics (an article by an artist A. Perilli); Mathematics and Cinema (an article by P. Greenaway); Mathematical Centers; Mathematics and Literature; Mathematics and technology; Homage to Venice; Mathematics and Music; Mathematics and Medicine. It is a remarkable project and an interesting book.

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