Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists

In a terse and elegant form, foundations of differential and integral calculus, linear algebra and differential equations, accompanied by elements of Fourier series, probability and statistics, numerical analysis and symbolic algebraic manipulation are put forth for engineers and scientists. Not just the introductory chapters but the whole text is written in a reader friendly way without loss of exactness or avoiding proofs. It contains motivation for every topic and is self contained, hence suitable for private study. Theoretical sections are accompanied by many solved examples and each chapter ends with problems giving the reader an opportunity for training his skill in techniques just developed. Appropriate figures at appropriate places help elucidate discussed notions. In this (sixth) edition, the book has been expanded, with a new chapter on manipulation by computer software (e.g. MAPLE and MATLAB) to reflect the influence of computer techniques on teaching and applications of mathematics. The textbook will be very useful for engineering students and their teachers and for scientists or anyone interested in improving their mathematical knowledge and skill.

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