Mathematics everywhere

Mathematics everywhere is a selection of articles and short essays on the role of mathematics in everyday life. As mathematicians, we know about the importance and ubiquity of mathematics in practically every field of science, culture and technology: this book attempts to show it to everybody by focusing on many different points where mathematics develop a fundamental role. It is aimed to an wide audience: undergraduate students, high school teachers, mathematically interested readers...

The book is divided in three main sections named: Case studies, Current topics and The central theme. The length of the articles increases towards the end of the book, where it explains some of the most famous problems in current mathematics: prime numbers and cryptography, the sphere packing problem, the Poincaré conjecture, Fermat's Last Theorem... However, the book goes beyond these topics, which are frequently treated in other popular mathematics books and presents some less known applications of mathematics in our daily life, such as electronic money, error detection/correction in CD's and DVD's, intelligent materials...
There are also expositions on simmetry and reflections, Turing's instability or knot theory, for example.

The articles try to avoid technicalities or rigorous and complete definitions, so a professional mathematician may miss sometimes a deeper, more detailed and longer treatment of some of the topics. However, every article contains a list of references and bibliography for the curious reader.

Mathematics everywhere is a nice book for everybody who wants to give an overview at mathematics as a universal and fundamental tool to understand our modern world.

Javier Martinez
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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This book is a collection of short essays on the role of mathematics in our daily life, covering a wide range of topics. The articles are expository, addressed to a wide audience, to anybody interested in the various fields where mathematics is applied everyday.




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