More Games of No Chance

The volume is based on talks given at the Combinatorial Games Theory Workshop and Conference held at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute of Cambridge University in 2002. It presents recent developments achieved in non-stochastic game theory by the joint efforts of mathematical and computer science methods. The book is divided into five parts. The first one, The Big Picture, contains a description of developments of theoretical nature. Topics in lattice and group structure of (finite) games (D. Calistrate, M. Paulhus, D. Wolfe and D. Moews) form most of its content. The leading theme of The Old Classics chapter is exiting original research on chess and go endgames (N. Elkies, B. B. Spight, T. Takizava and D. Wolfe). Newer games enter The New Classic chapter. Two player games on cellular automata (A. Fraenkel) and one-dimensional ‘phutball’ (J. Grossman, and R. Nowakowski) are examples. The Puzzle and Life section presents results on puzzles that can be represented as a game, the coin-moving puzzles (E. Demaine, M. Demaine, H. Verrill) and Conways’ game of life (D. Eppstein) being described in detail. The proceedings are crowned by Unsolved Problems in Combinatorial Games, by K. Guy and R. Nowakowski, and Bibliography of Combinatorial Games (919 references), by A.S. Fraenkel, that make the book extremely attractive for everybody interested in the mathematics of games.

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