Numbers at Work - A Cultural Perspective

This interesting book (originally published in German as "Der Zahlen gigantische Schatten" in 2005) is a fascinating reading on the history and use of numbers. Using a description of lives and works of great mathematicians, musicians, physicists and philosophers (Pythagoras, Bach, Hofmannsthal, Descartes, Leibniz, Laplace, Bohr and Pascal), the author shows connections between number theory and other fields of science (e.g. astronomy, physics and geometry) as well as the role of numbers in painting, architecture, music, religion, politics, economics, thinking, etc. Each of the eight chapters contains many photographs and pictures of high quality (the book contains 163 pictures), as well as many historical and mathematical notes and explanations and a list of references to material that is both popular and professional. A deeper background in mathematics is not necessary in order to read, enjoy and learn from this book. The book can be recommended to all readers interested in the world around us and wanting to understand the importance of numbers in our daily lives.

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