Piano-Hinged Dissections - Time to Fold + CD

This interesting book describes piano-hinged dissections, a new type of hinged dissection that generates many challenges. The book starts with mathematical descriptions, definitions and models of piano-hinged dissections (a piano-hinge connects two flat pieces that are side-by-side on the same level and forces one piece to flip on top of the other). In the book the author provides over 150 dissections and outlines methods for discovering them. He has also prepared an excellent CD with video, which provides step-by-step demonstrations for creating new dissections. The author also presents the lost manuscript on geometric dissections written by Ernest Irving Freese, an architect in Los Angeles, who at the end of his life became passionate about dissections. The book gives an overview of Freese's work in its five-part series spread throughout the text. This brilliant book can be recommended to students of geometry and teachers of mathematics, as well as students and all people who are interested in geometric dissections. Every creative reader will find new material for his own discoveries. The reader can easily experiment with the piano-hinge dissections because their mechanism can be simulated by folding a piece of paper without special mathematical knowledge, materials, computer programs, etc.

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