Pursuit of Genius - Flexner, Einstein and the Early Faculty at the Institute for Advanced Studies

This interesting book describes the history and development of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, which occupies a unique position among institutions of higher learning in the USA. Thanks to many unpublished archive sources the author analyzes the story of the founding of a higher-education institution, a place without teaching commitments, service obligations and financial problems, and a place of deep scientific study and research. He shows the life and scientific activities and contributions of intellectual leaders from the institute (A. Flexner, D. C. Gilman, J. Hopkins, J. von Neumann, A. Einstein, etc.) as well as political, economic and personal situations, conflicts, and intrigues that influenced and determined the future of the institute. The reader may find many unknown events and information concerning the creation and evolution of the institute, the first generation from the faculty of mathematics, international cooperation during the Great Depression and the ascendance of Adolf Hitler, as well as collaboration after the Second World War. At the end of the book, lists of archive sources and acknowledgments, non-archive sources (books and articles) and an index are included. The book can be recommended to anyone who is interested in mathematics and its history.

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