Recent Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Applications. In Honor of Konstantin Oskolkov

This is volume 25 of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics.

For the 65th birthday of Konstantin Oskolkov, a conference was held at the Georgian Southern University during March 11-13, 2011 of which the present book contains the proceedings. Oskolkov was mainly involved in harmonic analysis, convergence of Fourier series, approximation theory, etc.

A first part gives a survey of the work of Oskolkov and his list of publications. Several friends and colleagues add short texts with reminiscences and/or place a spotlight on a particular result. The main part of the book consists of 23 contributions from the conference. The subjects are quite diverse and usually rather specialized, with the exceptions of few (short) surveys. There is not a central theme, unless an overall broad covering of analysis with harmonic analysis as a center of gravity. However besides problems related to Fourier series, orthogonal polynomials and approximation, there are also papers on analysis in finite fields, or analysis on graphs, and all kinds of function spaces are floating around. Because of this diversity, the papers not grouped in themes, but are just listed alphabetically according to the name of the first author (with the exception of the last paper, but without any obvious reason, perhaps a late addition). It would not be appropriate to summarize each individual paper here in this short review. For the table of contents we refer to the publisher's webpage.

Obviously the book will be a natural choice to be bought by a library having a section on analysis. It gives a nice survey of topics that are currently being investigated. The individual researcher might not be as much interested in all of the papers of the book, but he/she will be almost certainly interested in some. Therefore, it might be preferable to have access to an electronic copy so that those particular chapters of interest to the individual can be downloaded separately.

A. Bultheel
KU Leuven
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These are the proceedings of a conference held in honor of Konstantin Oskolkov at the Georgian Southern University March 11-13, 2011. A first part sketches the work of Oskolkov and has some reminiscences by friends and colleagues. The second part consists of scientific contributions on quite divergent subjects, most of them somehow related to the work of Oskolkov.



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