The Shape of Content. Creative Writing in Mathematics and Science

This remarkable book collects some interesting creative writing of 21 authors (young poets, writers, artists, mathematicians, geologists and philosophers). At the end, the editors add short biographical notes of the contributors. The contributions are in the form of short stories, poems, essays, dramas, fictions, nonfictions and play excerpts. Each of them has a strong mathematical or scientific content. One of the main aims of the book is to show the beauty of mathematics and the sciences and to reveal some areas where art, science and mathematics come together. Another aim is to present creativity of mathematicians and theoretical scientists and to illustrate their works, results and ideas. The book gives many opportunities to think about and discuss scientific works, their difficulties and their roles in our society, to learn why some people do science, to encourage young students into science, and to criticise the current situation and system. The book can be recommended to readers interested in science and literature.

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