The St. Petersburg School of Number Theory

This book (published by the Academy of the USSR in 1947) is an English translation of the Russian original written by B. N. Delone (1890-1980). He was a distinguished member of the St. Petersburg school and the main aim of the book is to present classical works of number theory written by Russian mathematicians and members of the school: P. L. Chebyshev (1821-1894), A. N. Korkin (1837-1908), E. I. Zolotarev (1847-1878), A. A. Markov (1856-1922), G. F. Voronoĭ (1868-1908) and I. M. Vinogradov (1891-1983). B. N. Delone treats the life and work of these six mathematicians in turn, starting each with a short biography and continuing with a description of their most significant number theory contributions. He first presents their papers in the authors' original terminology and notation and then he adds commentaries of greater or lesser breadth and depth. The author is strictly focused on their number theory works and he does not discuss their important contributions to other branches of mathematics.
The English text is essentially unaltered, with a few footnotes and references added to clarify the author's exposition. Although the mathematical expositions are much longer than the biographies and historical notes, we get a good impression of their professional lives as well as a good description of the beginnings and development of the St. Petersburg mathematical school. At the end, the reader will find a chronological list of works in number theory written by the six mathematicians. The book should be very interesting to a broad mathematical community, in particular mathematicians working in number theory as well as historians of mathematics concentrating on the development of mathematics in the second part of the 19th century.

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