Stable Perturbations of Operators and related topics

This book concerns with the theory of stable perturbations of operators in
Banach spaces . Thus the perturbation analysis for generalized inverses, the
Moore-Penrose inverse and Drazin inverse of operators under stable pertur-
bation. After a preliminary chapter including several basic results in Func-
tional Analysis ( Hilbert spaces, operators and C + algebras ) the book studies
carefully the relationships among the densely-defined operators with closed
range and the reduced minimum modulus of densely defined operators . The
Moore-Penrose inverse and its stable perturbations in Hilbert spaces and in
C ∗ -algebras is also presented . Several results of the K-theory in C + algebras
are also included. The last chapters of the book contain some miscellaneous
applications and related topics to the perturbation theory, like the approxi-
mate polar decomposition in C ∗ -algebras, and some applications of Moore-
Penrose inverses in frame theory.The list of references in the Bibliography is
quite extensive.

Francisco L. Hernandez
Universidad complutense de Madrid
Book details

The book studies different analysis perturbation of operators , including Moore-Penrose inverse, and Drazin inverse of operaors .Several miscellaneous applications are also included.



13 978-981-4383-59-2

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