Stochastic Climate Models

The proceedings of the workshop on Stochastic Climate Models, held in Chorin in 1999, present an exiting and stimulating summary of probabilistic developments in climate physics. Stochastic processes, stochastic and partial differential equations, random dynamical systems, local and large deviations asymptotic procedures, have comprised the most active mathematical areas in the field over the past 30 years, since Klaus Haselmann suggested a climate stochastic model where weather fluctuations randomly force the climate in the same way that fluid molecules force Brownian pollen particles. Hence the Langevin stochastic equation and stochastic calculus, enter the model in a very natural way. The structure of the book reflects its aim to review and explain recent mathematical additions to the list of tools for climate modelling, to help the climate physicists to understand what these tools are about. Chapter 1 by D. Olbers, K. Fraedrich, J. S. von Storch and R. Temam exhibits the most important climate models, from those simple ones to more complex ones. Chapter 2 by L. Arnols, M. Denker, M. Kesseböhmer, Y. Kiefer, Ch. Rödenbeck, Ch. Beck and H. Kantz, searches for possible sources of stochasticity in the models from the mathematical as well as physical point of view. Chapter 3 by P. Imkeller, J. Duan, P. E. Kloeden, B. Schmalfuss, J. Zabzyk and P. Müller, is a very informative compendium of probabilistic tools mentioned above that are already at work in the climate dynamics. Chapter 4 by J. Egger, J.A. Freund, A. Neiman, L. Schimanski-Geier, A.H. Monahan, L. Pandolfo, P. Imkeller, P. Sardeshmukh, P. Penland, M. Newman and W.A. Woyczynski, completes the presentation of climate mathematics with a discussion of some of the more special models for the fluctuating eastward flows or planetary waves. The book is strongly recommended as an excellent source of information and inspiration, both to mathematicians and physicists interested in the field.

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