Strange Attractors. Poems of Love and Mathematics

This interesting book collects the best poetry written by mathematicians and poets including Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes winners and Poet Laureates (e.g. R. Alberti, J. Bernoulli, L. Carroll, J. V. Cunningham, R. Dove, R. Forest, J. C. Maxwell and K. O'Brien). This international collection contains about 150 poems with a common theme: love - romantic love, spiritual love, humorous love, love between parents and children, love of mathematics, etc. The editors have gathered poems from the last 3000 years; they include a fragment of The Song of Song by King Solomon (about 1000 BC), as well as contemporary American poetry. The poems are divided into three parts: romantic love, encircling love and unbounded love. Each poem has a strong link to mathematics (in content, form or imagery) and engages a variety of mathematical topics (for example counting, rings, infinity, Fibonacci numbers, zero, Venn diagrams, functions, distance, calculus, geometry and puzzles). The authors add a “contributions' note” containing biographical notes about contributors and mathematicians appearing in the poems and bibliographical references of sources. These sections give an important impulse for those wishing to find various mathematical concepts appearing in the poems. The book can be recommended to every reader who loves poetry and mathematics and who wants to explore the way that mathematical ideas inhabit poetry.

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